The Changing Face of Fandom – How Video Rocked the Author/Reader Dynamic

The Changing Face of Fandom – How Video Rocked the Author/Reader Dynamic

The world of social media and interaction has transformed immensely over the last year, but one thing is for certain—video is here in a big way and it’s not going anywhere. Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, Zynn, and a host of other apps are jumping on the Youtube visual bandwagon, but in shorter, more easily consumable ways. People are watching longer and connecting in ways that used to be reserved for in-person events only. But as an author, how can you leverage this video boom to reach readers and build strong communities around your work? Why would you want to?

  • Showcase Your Brand and Personality – Short form video is an easy and quick way to promote your books, your brand, and show readers who you are as a person. It’s a known fact in the live event circuit that personality can 100% sell books if the author is engaging and can connect with readers on an emotional level. Video is allowing authors to showcase who they are and build those connections from the comfort of their own homes on their own schedules. Plus, different platforms draw different audiences, so authors can choose ones that are right for them and what they offer. Creating relevant and consistent content doesn’t need to be difficult or fancy. Some authors start with more graphic or book shots until gradually working up to being on camera themselves. However, authors who show their face instantly create a connection with viewers and build relationships with their readers much faster. Video social media apps can allow authors to provide exclusive and insider content that readers will never get in just the pages of their books. This is a chance to give readers something more. For more information on how to use these platforms, check out K.M. Robinson on Youtube for all the best tips and tricks. 
  • Livestreams Provide Instant Gratification – Creating video content helps to form a connection with your readers, but if you’re ready to take it to the next level, definitely consider livestreaming. Almost all social media platforms offer livestream capabilities, but you can also use a streaming platform like Be.Live to make things even easier. Schedule your livestreams to bring in the maximum number of readers and promote your events ahead of time. Plus, by using Be.Live you can livestream to multiple social media platforms at once making it even easier to reach your captive audience. Gone are the days of authors sitting behind their computers as mysterious enigmas, segregated from their readers and super fans. Livestreaming is video to the maximum as readers can interact with authors in real time, have their questions answered, and feel part of the conversation, thus building even stronger author/reader relationships. Livestreaming is a great opportunity for book launch parties, cover reveals, weekly or monthly Q&A sessions, book readings, or even just to chat.  If you are interested in establishing a community around your work, this is a great way to do it.
  • Accessibility for Everyone - The emergence of video and livestreaming allows for readers to interact with authors in a real, timely way that in-person events just can’t offer. No costly tickets for conventions. No plane tickets across the world to see your favorite authors. Readers can access authors more easily and more cost-effectively from their computer or other electronic device. Nothing beats personal contact, but these new apps and options are giving the next best thing to people who might otherwise not be able to attend events themselves. Conferences, author signings, and various other events have been moving to video-based platforms, and this is likely going to continue to grow in the future. Authors are reaching readers they would never have otherwise connected with and it’s only just beginning. 

The surge in video-based content may seem overwhelming, but it presents so many amazing opportunities for authors to build their platforms and communities for those who choose to embrace it. Network with other authors halfway across the world. Have a livestream conversation with a dedicated reader thousands of miles away. Expand your reach into markets you only dreamed of accessing before. This is the magic of video. This is the future of truly global marketing for authors.


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