The Longest 3 Feet in the World

The distance from the top of my head to the tips of my fingers is 39 inches, or just over 3 feet. Now I'm sure you're wondering why this is important and more so why I have the crazy inclination to measure random distances on my body.

Well, it seems to be that an idea I create in my head can't seem to find it's way the full 4 feet to my fingers to be typed out onto the page. I have these wonderful images, conversations, and ideas swirling around my brain all day but for some reason they never quite translate how I want them.

The dialogue isn't as witty. The imagery is never as colorful. It's like that telephone game you play when you're in kindergarten where the message doesn't end the same way it started. And it's been infuriating.

I've found myself struggling with my current WIP because it's not materializing the way I had envisioned it. I struggle. I get stuck. I plod along at a geriatric snail's pace, all to have pages that I'm not 100% sold on. But it's a first draft I keep reminding myself. First drafts are just that -- the first of many.  

Hopefully I will write those two final words soon so I can edit my story into the fantasy I have always dreamed it would be.

How do you move forward when your writing isn't living up to your mind's hype?


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