Vampires Never Die: A Discussion on Dead Genres

Vampires are dead. At least that’s what the market says, and depending on who you talk to so are dystopians, angels, werewolves, fairies, paranormals, and sick lit. Oh, and apparently sci-fi is on life support.

 But now, just in time for Halloween, they announce that Anne Rice will be releasing PRINCE LESTAT – a continuation in the epic Vampire Chronicles. Granted Ms. Rice’s new story could be about Lestat in the Hunger Games with a bunch of wizards and I would probably still read it. However, it’s a vampire novel. Doesn’t the world not want vampires anymore? 

Personally, I’ve loved vampires since I was about twelve years old.  Scary ones, sexy ones, sparkly ones, I’ve read them all and loved each of their reincarnations. Even my first attempt at novel writing was about a vampire and I still have a vampire novel on my to-do list that I think is pretty original (it probably isn’t).  The point is there has always been a market for vampire loving readers and I think there always will be, the availability of good books just changes based on whether blood suckers are on trend or not.  

 So what does the release of PRINCE LESTAT mean for the future of vampires? Will the release of this new book have publishers begging for those manuscripts they passed on in the post-Twilight era? Or will it be a one hit blip that passes unnoticed except for the die-hard Rice fans? Fact is, no one really knows.

 My advice: Write what you love. Read what you love. Support the authors who produce the kinds of things you want to see, popular or not.

 What do you think about a new vampire book on the market? Are dead genres a real thing or is it just marketing hype?




Holly Geely on Sep 15, 2014 9:47 AM posted:
Vampires have been around a long time and they probably aren't going anywhere, but I'm hoping they stay quiet long enough to recover from their overpopularity.

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