"A good story should make you laugh, and a moment later break your heart."

                                             -Chuck Palahniuk






KEEPER OF SHADOWS - Kellan Casey gave his heart to a girl, but instead she took his soul and traded it to a Shadow Keeper for her own survival. Now Kellan must break the Shadow Keeper's curse before he becomes a demon, doomed to wander dimensions collecting souls for all eternity. But when his bubble-wrapped neighbour Abby decides to help find a solution, Kellan might have just found a new reason to keep fighting.

Coming 2019

Short Stories:

Date With An Angel/Kiss Me At Midnight: Part of the SWEET CANDY DELIGHTS anthology.  

FINAL DRAFT - Paradox Steel is the girl of James Starkling's dreams -- literally. As the writer of the Paradox Steel superhero series James has a special relationship with his star, but now that the series has become popular everyone else wants a piece of her too. With a deadline on the next Paradox novel looming and the fans getting more and more obsessive, can James protect Paradox from the real world or will it destroy them both?

***Winner of the C4LitFest Short Story Contest in 2014***