When night falls, all hell breaks loose...

Senior year was supposed to be the best year of Berkley’s life—until it turned into a nightmare. Parental problems, boyfriend issues, scholarship competitions, and volleyball playoffs have her so stressed she can’t sleep. But when an insomnia driven excursion leads her to cross paths with some amateur witches, she’ll wish she stayed in bed.  

Now she can finally sleep, but doesn’t seem to get any rest. Each day blurs into the next as strange things start happening around her. Dark, sinister things that tie back to Berkley, except she can’t remember any of them.

Desperate to regain control of her own life, she searches for an explanation to her nighttime amnesia. The answer will drag Berkley and her friends into a dangerous world of magic and mayhem—one where she may never wake up.

With magic, drama, and a touch of romance, SLEEPLESS is the perfect young adult read for paranormal fans of The Craft and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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A small-town advice columnist. A big-city newspaper executive. Sparks will fly, but will they start a fire or burn the whole town down?

When Holly Brighton kisses a handsome stranger under the mistletoe, she never expected that he would turn out to be her new boss. Now with changes happening at her office, she's determined not to let some corporate stooge swoop in and ruin Havenbrook's heritage. Except sparring with Benjamin Concorde might not be the best career choice.

If Holly doesn't get it together, she's in danger of losing her job, but with this new guy in town pushing her limits, she might lose her heart first.

A sweet, small town romance novella guaranteed to warm your heart.

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When you find something worth fighting for giving up is not an option.

The only thing keeping Abby up at night is the fear of not getting into the right college and disappointing her overbearing parents. That’s until she stumbles across the dark secrets her neighbor is hiding in the house next door.

Kellan’s bad-boy attitude has everyone fooled. One wrong decision sent his life straight to hell and he’s impatiently waiting for everything to fall apart. But when Abby uncovers the real torment behind his strange behavior she insists on helping him—even if he doesn’t want her to. As if living with a curse isn’t bad enough, he has to worry about Abby falling into his dark twisted world too.

To keep her out of harm’s way, Kellan will need Abby’s help to finally break the curse. But this time Kellan can’t fail. This time he won’t just lose his life...he’ll lose the one girl he’s willing to die for. 

Perfect for fans of Katie McGarry’s gritty dual point-of-view romances but who crave a supernatural twist.

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A girl looking for a way out.

Being the daughter of New America’s leader, Mercury Masters has everything a girl could want. A glamorous life full of beautiful people, and the power to have anything she wants, except for one thing—to escape. Because Mercury’s perfect life comes with secrets to keep. Dangerous secrets that if made public would destroy her, her family, and her father’s reign. Then she meets Hawk.

A boy looking to be a hero.

Hawk, a handsome prep school dropout turned vigilante, has his own family secrets. Deadly secrets that have haunted him since he was fifteen. But instead of fighting the ghosts of his past, Hawk has assembled a group of misfit hackers and thieves to save the future from the corrupt government of New America and the mysterious virus that is killing off its citizens. But trying to do the right thing is tough when the person you really want to save is your enemy’s daughter.

A love that could kill them both. 

Powerful forces keep them apart, but coming together could be the key to saving New America from destruction—even though it may cost both their lives.

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All families have secrets, but what Avery doesn’t know might try to kill her.

The day Avery Belmont was born, her father disappeared. Shortly after, her mother stole her away to Detroit, far away from the secrets buried deep in Shady Creek. But when her estranged grandmother dies, Avery is forced to return and face the rumors that she’s a witch, making her wish she’d never come back—until Drew Montgomery gives her a reason to stay. 

Drew knows things no one else knows. Things about Avery, about her family’s past, and about what really happened to her father. However, the price for information may be too high as getting close to the striking, yet caustic Drew starts to have deadly consequences, and living with the lies may be safer than uncovering the truth.

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